Medical & Scientific Art

Creating beautiful medical and scientific art that is both accurate and functional is a highly specialized skill that takes years to master. Fabio’s work in this area showcases his ability to blend the technical expertise necessary to incorporate the smallest of details with an artistic flair that makes his imagery visually arresting.

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Environment Art

The crafting of 3d environments that draw people in and engage them on an emotional level requires the highest levels of both technical know-how and visual artistry. Fabio’s expertise in all phases of the 3d pipeline, from pre-visualization, to modeling, to texturing and lighting, allows him to build immersive 3d environments that capture the imagination.

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Product Visualization

Some of the world’s biggest companies rely on Fabio’s attention to detail and artistic panache to bring their product ideas to life. See why Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon trust Fabio with their biggest endeavors.

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Like Geppetto, Fabio breathes life into his creations. Emphasizing story and emotion above all else, Fabio’s captivating animations are a master class in the power of nuance and motion.

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